healing is whatever works.

Nutmeg Aspirin is the place to discover and share healing hacks.

Backed by personal experiences, "hacks" provide healing tips and clear instructions that empower you to try them out yourself.

Be it seasonal allergies, a life-threatening illness, a broken bone or a broken heart... every one of us has faced some sort of physical, medical or emotional challenge. Just as we all can't feel the same, we all can't heal the same. There's no one right way to heal-- it may be alternative (nutmeg), conventional (aspirin), or a mix of both. Healing is whatever works. 

Whether you want to share a healing hack that works for you, or are looking for one that will, the Nutmeg Aspirin community will be here for you. With your help, we share the type of advice, recommendations, and support you may look to your closest friends for --- but together, our collective experience covers more bases, offers more stories of healing, more recipes to make you feel better and more tips on what works.